Computer Science Principles: Programming

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We can make computers, gadgets, and the Internet do incredible things, entertain us, and make our lives simpler because of programming. Despite the fact that programming appears to be difficult, every problem can be divided into manageable, reusable portions of code. You may learn the fundamentals of coding without having any prior knowledge of a particular programming language. Join Doug Winnie as he explores three ways that programmers carry out their duties to help you understand the fundamentals of programming and make connections to key ideas. Doug begins by outlining the development of coding before delving into the uses of functions, values, variables, and parameters to specify actions. He discusses gathering user input, developing conditional tests, utilising loops with arrays, and the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. In addition to programming, he introduces you to techniques like iterative building, refactoring, and debugging.

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Chapter 1 : Control Computers With Code

Chapter 2 : Define Actions Using Code

Chapter 3 : Repeat Actions & Test For Conditions

Chapter 4 : Objects & OOP

Chapter 5 : Beyond Programming


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